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As you may have gathered, my name is Alex and I'm currently employed as a full time programmer in Kent, England. I have been doing all things computers for a very long time and I also love gaming and generally being creative. I decided to make this website as a place for me to put things and share information about myself, updates in my life and the services I can offer. I also love running, drumming, singing, the guitar, traveling, learning new things and my motorbike.

Updates in Alex's life:

It has yet again occurred to me that I don't update this often enough. However, I think I'm done travelling for the summer now. Last week I was in Ireland seeing friends, seeing Muse live (most amazing concert in my entire life, and may always be) and exploring dublin, which I must say is a very expensive city. Now I'm back in humble old england and unfortunately work presses on. I've started getting up early in the morning again to run as I have started training again with my aim being to run the Hastings half marathon for the second time. Everything else in life seems normal. I've been taking motorbike riding tuition recently with the aim to get my full motorbike licence, which is just so much fun. Otherwise, I still have 6 weeks left of summer before university year number two starts. 20:10 PM August 19, 2008
Hello world! I'm back from Norway and I can definitely say that I had one of the best times of my life there and that I have changed as a person. I met a lot of friends, new and old, and I have come back with a passion in my heart. No, I'm not in love, but my passion is for my life and the way I live it, the relationships and friendships in my life and a passion to give back as much as I possibly can. Everyone who was there in Norway, you all rock. I will, hopefully, talk to all of you soon. Otherwise - until next year and hallelujah. Now also to back to work and the wonderful world of web design and programming. Right now I'm adding changable themes to a website for a friend, and creating a bible course online for a church. 20:53 PM August 1, 2008
I write this as I am packing to leave for Norway in one hour. Yes, this means no one will be able to get a hold of me for the duration of my time away - a whole five days. It should be an amazing amount of fun though as I travel with many friends, for the fourth time now, for the summer camp. When I come back, I will only be back for one week before travelling to Ireland for a further week of summer fun and craziness. So it looks like life and the internet is on hold for the moment, but when I am back properly in three weeks time I expect to do a lot of things with various people - you know who you are. Let's just not reach paranoid levels of intoxication. To Norway! 0:57 AM July 28, 2008
Well, life is interesting to say the least. I've been busy with going out a lot recently (yay for being a student!), motorbike lessons (which I'm in sore need of after coming off last week and realising it's not good to stay just a learner on the roads) and as ever website stuff. Smash brothers is amazing but surprisingly it's been competing for my attention with guitar hero 3 recently. Both are such good games! Smash brothers is certainly one of the best multiplayer games to play when friends are around released recently, and guitar hero is just so addictive! My head is spinning from getting soo close to finishing it on expert but not quite ever reaching such an insurmountable goal. Ah well, I'm taking advantage of my summer while I can. I head off to Norway in a few weeks and then Ireland, so my summer is set to only get better :) 11:19 PM July 19, 2008
Wow, I'm not updating this enough - summer really is flying by. So many things are happening for me personally I guess I just neglected this site a little bit by accident. Oh well, boring working out of relationship stuff aside, life is pretty good. Super Smash Brothers Brawl finally has come out and it's pretty awesome. I can't give a full opinion on it yet until I play Josh at it (who I normally beat - fair and square) but I can see it taking up many evenings in the future. On the website front I suddenly have a lot of work before me. I've taken up two fairly large projects, one a virtual learning environment and another, a CMS type business website application. Both should be a very fun challenge for me as well as great experience. Hopefully I'll have more websites to link to that I have made before the summer is up :) 11:00 PM June 29, 2008
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