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Hello World

General 19th of July 2019

I've decided to start a blog for several reasons. I'll list them here first and then I'll introduce myself properly. Life is incredibly busy so I thought writing a blog would help me focus on some of what I'm doing and stop some of the feelings of drowning in "I don't know what to do next". I'm aware that communicating new commitments to the entire world about new routines that you are trying to start can be detrimental, but I'm extremely optimistic based on new-found discipline that I've managed to maintain recently.

Reasons I'm starting a blog:

  • I'm getting married in three months to the day.
  • I've set myself the challenge of learning Polish, my fiancĂ©e's native language.
  • I've just joined a gym again with the aim to get healthier, lose some weight and stop eating like crap.
  • I'm two months into a new software development job.
  • I'm trying to finish a big programming project that's going on six years now.
  • I'd like to write something because I don't have the time to write fictional things for fun anymore.

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