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Kayaking and Weight Goals

Exercise 21st of July 2019

Today was a gorgeous day spent half paddling down and then up the river Medway. My fiancée doesn't seem to like exercise such as running or going to the gym but she does relish any excuse to climb a mountain or explore a river. This is good because I'm trying to do at least some exercise on the weekends and it turned out to be a wonderful time. Last weekend we ended up cycling somewhere but today we invited some friends and had a small BBQ at the half way point before heading back to drop off our kayaks. What was really nice is that they were both from Poland, so it was also lovely to hear it being spoken which really helps my motivation to carry on learning the language. I already explained in my first blog post that I've just recently joined a gym and this has given me a huge amount of motivation to tackle the problem of my weight. The problem is that I just haven't taken it seriously enough for a number of years.

There are three months until my wedding and, like any ordinary functioning member of society with a healthy ego, I don't want to look fat. About a month ago, I found myself in Poland attending the wedding of my future sister in law. The wedding itself was small but beautiful but the photos I saw after the fact didn't paint me in a very flattering light, the tipsy expressions and demeanor aside. Five minutes ago I weighted myself, the results are in and it's kind of tragic. I weigh 98.5kg.

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Making This Blog

Programming 20th of July 2019

Just a quick post to explain how the code of this blog came about. I'll put it up on my github just for fun once I've done some more work on it in the future. I'll come back and edit this post in the future when I get around to it.

One of the real reasons I'm able to write this right now is because in order to interview for the new job that I have now, they asked me to make a simple blog. This seems pretty reasonable to me, don't make a big application, just build something small with three or so database tables which will require about a hundred lines of code, not including the front end stuff. So, I set to work and made this beauty.

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