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As you may have gathered, my name is Alex and I'm currently employed as a full time programmer in Kent, England. I have been doing all things computers for a very long time and I also love gaming and generally being creative. I decided to make this website as a place for me to put things and share information about myself, updates in my life and the services I can offer. I also love running, drumming, singing, the guitar, traveling, learning new things and my motorbike.

Updates in Alex's life:

Well, I've been doing an assignmnet for the best part of four hours now and I have to say I am very tired. I'm so glad that the end of my first exciting year of university is coming to its conclusion. It actually has been amazing comapared to what I expected. It has challenged me in many ways, and given me a much wider perspective of the various positions within the computing industry. Well, I think it's bed time, for the summer comes as soon as I get up and hand in this databases assignmnet tomorrow. Then it's on with more projects like this website. Horray... 4:12 AM May 22, 2008
Well, it's a beautiful morning and I have an awesome day ahead of me. I woke up before 6 completely refreshed and awake, which defies logic after 5 hours of sleep. However, I have now had the chance to wake up, read, take care of my pets and I'm about to go out and run a few miles and then buy some milk for breakfast hopefully. Today is an important day. If I don't finish one assignmnet today and progress more on my only other assignment, bad things will happen. 6:50 AM May 20, 2008
Well, just finished updating the website. Lots more to do but I have to get some university assignment work done. 15:47 PM May 18, 2008

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