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As you may have gathered, my name is Alex and I'm currently employed as a full time programmer in Kent, England. I have been doing all things computers for a very long time and I also love gaming and generally being creative. I decided to make this website as a place for me to put things and share information about myself, updates in my life and the services I can offer. I also love running, drumming, singing, the guitar, traveling, learning new things and my motorbike.

Updates in Alex's life:

It's amazing to me how two weeks of summer and more just flew by! I thought I'd be far more busy and accomplish so much immediately! Well, I can at least say that I live a relaxed life for the moment. Not much is happening, more web design soon, some more private computer work and I have to get my motorbike serviced today. Hopefully that won't cost too much. Also, Smash Brothers Brawl comes out on the Nintendo Wii in 10 days which I'm excited about. I've been addicted to all Smash Brothers games for a long time now, I guess some parts of me hopefully never have to grow up. 13:50 PM June 17, 2008
Well today feels like a great day to end the first full week of summer on because it really was a great day. I could have gotten a little bit more done this week (waking up at 2pm isn't as constructive to your day as you might think) but over all it's been lovely to sit back and relax! I've been drumming today which was amazing and going out spending a lot of time with friends, new and old, making some connections I haven't in a while. What can I say life is actually good right now, it's great socialising with fun people. Recently me and Josh (friend and owner of sat down and did a lot of CSS work. The result is hopefully soon a website completely devoid of tables for site design and position, the HTML code was really messy. It's the first step on a long journey to making that website more professional and adding some more great features we have planned. Other than that, looks like there isn't too much more happening. 22:30 PM June 8, 2008
Well, the summer has started and it's officially a lazy start (am I lying to myself if I tell myself it's just well deserved break?). I'm looking in to doing more work (hopefully involving real money) but I'll probably also get the time to put more things on this website. Randomly I realised today that I don't have a CV. I guess most of the rest of today will be filled up trying to do that. I think I'll put it here once I'm done. 16:22 PM June 2, 2008
Been working on world domination plans for a while today with my partner in all crimes. This summer should be interesting :) I won't have any shortage of ambitious projects to be working on anyway. More news on that as it unfolds within the coming months. Right now I'm getting tired and I should probably sleep as my final exams rapidly approach. 0:32 AM May 26, 2008
Thank goodness all of my university assignments are out of the way. Celebrate! Hopefully I won't need to be posting any more updates past 4 in the morning. With just two more exams and summer looming ahead, I've started to wonder what I'm going to fill my time with. What comes first to mind is to learn the instruments I know better and to really get further into a language I haven't had the time to learn more about (yes I mean computer language, how sad am I). Also I have a game collection that I need to actually play though. Anyway, I'm sure to have lots of time to spend with lots of people, so if you're around, let me know. 21:07 PM May 23, 2008
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